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After so long spend my time blogging and find that blogging is very interesting, and I really enjoy it. One day when I’m surf the internet without purpose, my colleagues that also a blogger, shout saying "wow this is my first money from the internet!!!”. He shouts it in a very loud voice and with a happy tone.

Feeling curious about the origin of the money, I am asking how the internet gave that money to you. He said that from the post in my blog, and he showed me his pay pal account that contains money from payingpost. At that time I feel very foolish because I’m spending my time surfing the internet without get paid. I’ve been visiting some of my co-blogger and they are already getting paid for blogging. Based on that, I want to get money from the internet. With the recommendation from my friend, I enrolled in with a big expectation, of course for making some money too.

In we can also perform Blog Advertising in which the advertiser expects blogger to write something about them. advertise on blogs was seen more effective for advertiser to get their products and services know. This is a modern way to advertise their products through internet. This can help to those people who are busy working and it’s very easy for them to have a product they want. For the blogger sure they give a reward for helping the advertising. This opportunity should not be missed by blogger, just posting about the advertiser wants then get paid, or in simple word get paid to post.

So do not wait, try now and you will find an easy way to reach expectations and of course you will gain new experiences. Do not waste your time with useless, start to get income from the time you use.

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